Kirby Graduated!!!

   We are so proud of Kirby for completing his training. He Graduated November 5, 2004 and was placed with a family in Iowa where he will be a therapy dog in a School. This will be great for Kirby since he loves kids.

   Steven and Tia got to go with me to watch Kirby graduate. It was a bit of a road trip to Concordia Kansas. The drive time was 8 hours round trip but we had fun and it was well the time that it took to see Kirby go to his new Mom.

    Tia had the honor of giving Kirby to Rebecca his new mom while Steven and I took a lot of pictures. We all met before the ceremony to give Kirby his bone and Rebecca her scrap book for Kirby. We got to spend time with Kirby and say good-bye again. This time it was not as painful. It really is a good feeling knowing that he will go to a great home and be completely spoiled and do something so rewarding. It really made the whole process worth it.
Below are some of the pictures we took of his graduation.

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