Kirby is a Black Labrador Retriever who is learning his life lessons to become a service dog. We are his foster family and while he lives with us we do our best to teach him his basic skills so that he can then go to college and put the finishing touches on what he has learned so that he may one day become a very important puppy to someone that needs him to make their lives better. Kirby has been in our home since April 11th 2003 and will stay with us for about a year. Kirby Just celabrated his first birthday on November 28, 2003. He now weighs in around 65-70 lbs. He is a big puppy and thinks he owns the world.

Kirby's Visit with us was over as of July 6,2004
He has moved on with his mission in life
But has forever left his footprint on our hearts.

Kirby has finally Graduated from his advanced training
and will be living his life as a therapy dog in Iowa.
We are so very proud of our puppy.
The kids and I were lucky enough to be able to attend his graduation
November 5, 2004.We took lots of pictures and will have them posted soon.

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